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Jorgensen - Adjustable Clamp Company

Jorgensen Brand Image

Jorgensen Clamps

Manufactured by the Adjustable Clamp Company that began in 1903, Jorgensen handscrews were the first product offered by the company. Today, they have expanded their company to offer a variety of traditional clamps and clamping accessories, as well as innovative lines of bench vises, miter boxes and miter straws, under the Jorgensen, Pony, and Adjustable trade names.

Types of Clamps

C Clamps 1400's

All Jorgensen "C" Clamps are designed and manufactured for durability and strength, properly proportioned and the ultimate in value. "C" Clamps are used for both do-it-yourself projects, as well as industrial applications.
    Features: Jorgensen C Clamp
  • Ductile and/or malleable iron frames
  • Machine ground anvils
  • Cold-drawn steel screws with smoothly rolled threads
  • Steel sliding-pin handles
  • Bright plated steel swivels; securely fastened to screws and revolves freely
    Tips for selecting and using "C" Clamps:
  • Use the proper size clamp for clamping load, large clamps on small work throws and abnormal bending strain onto the clamp, screw and frame
  • Use "C" Clamps having as small a depth of throat, or reach as your work will permit; the greater the depth of throat, the greater the leverage on the clamp frame by the same force at the screw

Spring Clamps 3200's

Spring Clamps are convenient and provide you with an inexpensive set of "extra hands". Their spring operated jaws hold any material quickly and efficiently. These clamps are designed for use wherever light pressure is adequate and where speedy application and removal are important. Point-of-pressure always remains near jaw tips throughout the entire range of opening, to hold where needed.Jorgensen Spring Clamp Widely used in both home and industrial applications.
    Other features include:
  • Light-weight, nickel-plated steel spring operated jaws
  • Poly-vinyl handles designed for optimum comfort with minimized spread
  • Vinyl tips to prevent damage and protect the work

Bar Clamps-Heavy Duty 4500's

The line of Bar Clamps offered by Jorgensen are designed and manufactured for durability and strength, properly proportioned and balanced. When selecting a clamp for your project be sure to keep in mind to select clamps that are designed to take the load of the work and clamps having a depth or reach as small as your work permits; greater depth means greater leverage on the bar applied by the same force at the screw. Jorgensen Heavy-Duty Bar Clamp Jorgensen Bar Clamps feature hardened steel clutch discs that allow secure holding at any point on the bar, with instant adjustment either toward or away from the work being held. Their easy to open and close design makes them suitable, and ideal for "close quarters" clamping. Used in a variety of applications including school shops, professional woodworking, general construction, boat building and plastic forming.
  • 5" Clamping reach
  • Round-edge, high-carbon steel bar (1-3/8" x 5/16")
  • 5/8" Cold-drawn steel screw with smoothly cut Acme threads, hardened steel thrust bearings
  • Malleable and/or ductile iron castings with orange baked enamel finish
  • Multiple-Disc-Clutches
  • 1-1/4" Diameter swivel with steel internal tooth washers for positive "stay-on" power
  • Varnished hardwood handle, wing-nut type available upon request

Light Duty Bar Clamps 3700's

These new style bar clamps have a 2" reach and used for light-duty clamping, a workhorse for its size and design. Ideal for use in hobby-craft, light-duty woodwork, home-shop and do-it-yourself projects.
  • 5/8" x 3/16" Plated bars, round-edge, high-carbon steel
  • 5/16" Cold-drawn steel screws
  • Organge baked enamel finish malleable iron castings
  • Hardened, plated, high carbon steel multiple-clutch-discs
  • 3/4" Diameter swivels
  • Solid maple handle
  • 2 Soft, durable plastic pads
  • Press fitted and riveted fixed-heads

Corner Clamps 9166

The 90° Corner Clamp is Jorgensen's most popular design. This clamp miter or butt joints, holds up to 3" wide and leaves joint fully exposed for miter correction, doweling, gluing or nailing. Jorgensen Corner Clamp Four clamps mounted to the bench-top, provide a rectangular clamping fixture of unlimited use.
  • Die cast aluminum frames and sliding jaws
  • Plated, cold-drawn steel screws with smoothly rolled U.S.S. threads
  • Steel sliding-pin handles
  • Two counter-sunk holes permit the clamp to be bench-top mounted

Jorgensen Gear ClampGear Clamp 38000

A new innovation in bar clamps, Jorgensen's Gear Clamp features a distinctive design that allows rapid action clamping. With a quick push on it's "power bar", the gear style bar clamp develops up to 600 lbs. of clamping force. Includes a hand quick-release button that releases the clamp instantly.

Lever Clamp 38412

This powerful and uniquely designed lever bar makes it easy to apply clamping force specifically when required. The top mounted power lever and easy release button makes this clamp as fast to remove as it is to apply.
    Jorgensen Lever ClampFeatures:
  • Cushion grip pads for comfort
  • Rapid-acting power lever for quick clamping

Pipe Clamps 50, 52

These widely popular pipe clamp fixtures have the flexibility of creating any clamping length. Easy to assemble they are ideal for metalworking, woodworking and a wide range of applications from industrial to do-it-yourself projects. Jorgensen Pipe Clamp
  • Malleable and/or ductile iron castings
  • Acme cut steel threaded screw for secure hold and final tightening
  • Tail-stop with multiple-disc-clutch for fast easy adjustments while holding work securely
  • Coil-spring stop

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