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Mustang Survival

Mustang Survival Brand

Mustang Survival

For over 40 years, Mustand Survival has been committed to providing life Mustang Survival Brand Imagesupport solutions for people exposed to the most hazardous environments. With their constant innovations and new technologies they have established themselves as a leading supplier of survival solutions to the most demanding military, professional, and recreational users.

Choosing a PDF

When choosing a PFD (personal flotation device), it is important to find one that best fits your water sport activity. While foam vests are great for active in-the-water adventures, inflatable PFD's are becoming increasingly more commonplace in most other marine activities. Mustang Survival HIT inflatable PDFManually inflating PFD's are a good choice for people who are comfortable in the water and expect to be spending some time in it, such as paddlers or river fisherman. An automatic inflatable PFD is ideal if you don't plan to end up in the water but want the confidence in knowing that your PFD will inflate automatically in seconds if the unexpected happens. Mustang Survival also offers their exclusive HIT (hydrostatic inflator technology) automatic inflatable PFD's which are perfect if you spend time in high humidity or wet weather.

Manual inflatable PFD's inflate by pulling the jerk tab that hangs from the PFD at waist-height whereas automatic inflatable PFD's inflate when immersed in water (or by manually pulling the jerk tab). All Mustang Inflatable PFD's provide 35lb buoyancy when inflated at least 3 1/4" of freeboard (distance between the mouth and the surface of the water). Inflatable PFD's should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good working condition.

Rescue Stick

Mustang Survival Rescue Stick RDF Mustang Survival is also the manufacturer of the Rescue Stick, a baton-shaped Throwable Emergency Rescue Inflatable Device. This Rescue Flotation Device (RFD) automatically inflates within seconds of making water contact to provide rapid emergency flotation. The rescue stick helps to provide an effective way to stabilize and float a person until secondary rescue efforts are deployed or until self-rescue is complete. It is highly versatile and can reduce the drowning risk for victims up to 150 feet away. The baton shape allows this device to be thrown accurately and easily, and upon hitting the water quickly inflates into a large horseshoe shape floating buoy. Holding onto it will let the person being rescued stay afloat with their head above water until help arrives.


How long will I survive in a Mustang Survival product?
Survival time varies dramatically depending on the type of product you are wearing, the temperature and conditions of the water, as well as your own physiological conditions.

Mustang Survival Automatic Inflatable PDFWill my vest turn me over if I am unconscious and face down in the water?
There is a difference between a life jacket and a PFD. A PFD is designed for constant wear, comfort and flotation are the critical issues and although it will float you, it will not self-right you (turn you over in the water). A life jacket however, will turn you face up in the water, but the foam filled varieties are bulky and less comfortable to wear. Typically, life jackets are horseshoe shaped in design and slip over your head with all of the flotation in the front of your body up around your neck.

On Manual Inflatable Life jackets, do I have to blow it up by mouth?
No. Manual Inflatable life jackets are inflated by pulling the cord with the 'Jerk to Inflate' knob at the bottom of the device. This causes the life jacket to be inflated using a CO2 gas cartridge. All inflatable life jackets do have an oral inflation tube as backup should you want to inflate it by mouth.

How do I safely dispose of CO2 Cylinders?
To safely dispose of the CO2 cylinders, you must ensure that the head of the cylinder has been pierced. Following this the cylinder can be disposed of. Alternatively, the CO2 cylinders are 100% steel and can be recycled (should a recycling program be available).

Mustang Survival Immersion SuitIs there a difference between a worksuit and a survival suit?
A survival suit is regulated by an Immersion Suit standard. These suits are designed to be donned quickly in an emergency situation where a person could potentially be awaiting rescue for some tie. These suits offer maximum flotation and environment protection and let little to no water into them. A worksuit is designed for constant wear while still offering flotation and environment protection. They are classified as PFD's and are worn in situations where help is closer at hand.

How waterproof are Mustang products?
Mustang Survival products are lined with an AirSoft foam liner. This liner is impenetrable by wind or water making our products virtually waterproof.

Can Mustang Survival Marine Suits be worn for Ice Fishing or as a snowsuit?
Yes, Mustang Survival suits are often used in extreme temperatures. The closed cell foam that we use in these suits provides excellent thermal protection from extreme temperatures.

Do I have to worry about inadvertent inflation of my automatic inflatable life jacket?
Automatic Inflatable PFD's by Mustang are designed so that they have to be immersed in water before the inflation mechanism can be set off. The device may accidentally inflate if the inflator is exposed directly to water.

Do these life jackets have enough flotation to keep a larger person afloat?
The minimum requirement for an adult PFD is 15 1/2 lbs of buoyancy. All you have to remember is "If It Fits You, It Will Float You".

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