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Dutton Lainson

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Dutton Lainson

For over a century, since 1886, Dutton-Lainson has been respected and known for its innovative spirit and high standard of integrity. They are constantly responding to meet the needs of their customers by finding new ways to diversify and enhance their product lines. Today, the Dutton-Lainson Company continues to be one of the country's leading manufacturers of quality products for marine, agricultural, industrial, and automotive markets throughout the world.


Dutton-Lainson Coupler
  • Couplers & Accessories - Safe trailer towing is a strong and efficiently operating coupler system, properly installed on the tongue of the trailer.

  • Winches - Dutton-Lainson offers a complete line of winches, including electrical, manual, brake and worm gear. Their StongArm electric winches provide load-moving muscle with just the push of a button or switch. Dutton-Lainson Trailer/Marine Jack

  • Jacks - When you are hitching and unhitching loaded trailers, D-L tongue jacks can really help to save your back.

  • Fuel Tank Filters - Goldenrod fuel tank filters are ideal for farm and ranch construction, light industrial and recreational uses.


    Electric Winches

    The first time I used my StrongArm electric winch, it smoked and became very hot. Why would this happen with a new winch?

    Your winch is acting normally, Dutton-Lianson Electrical Winchwhen running the winch in the power out direction the brake mechanism gets very hot and burns off any oil film left from the assembly operation. As soon as the oil film is gone, the smoke will stop. As long as you observe the maximum run time for your winch, it is not a cause for concern.

    How long does an electric winch have to cool off after use?

    The motor should cool 5 minutes for each 1 minute of run time.

    Manual Winches

    How do I know what size winch is needed for my boat?

    Generally, a 2-to-1 ratio is appropriate, (ex. 1100 lb winch for a 2200 lb boat), but there are factors to consider. When a well-equipped and maintained roller trailer is used and the ramp setup is such that it allows the boat to float partway onto the trailer, the ratio can be stretched to 3-to-1. However, on the other hand, if the ramp is steep, a carpeted bunk trailer is used, or conditions require the winch to pull the boat a longer distance, the ratio should be reduced to 1-to-1.

    Is it necessary to have a brake winch for vertical lifting, or will a ratchet winch work?

    A self-locking winch should always be used in any situation that involves vertical lifting. DLB-series or B-series brake winches, or a worm gear winch should be used to avoid the potential of a load free-wheeling out of control. Dutton-Lianson Manual Winch

    What does "gear ratio' mean?

    Gear ratio is how many handle revolutions it takes to turn the spool one. A gear ration of 4:1 means that it takes four complete turns of the handle to turn the spool 360 degrees.

    What does "two-speed" winch mean?

    Two drive shafts are used on a two-speed winch, to allow a choice between "low" and "high" gears. Lower gear would be used in steep or otherwise difficult situations, while the higher gear would result in faster operation. To change gears, the handle is removed and installed on the other drive shaft (no tools required).

    Can a brake winch be used on a boat trailer?

    Yes, a brake winch is a good choice adds an extra element of safety that many people. Also available are models with a feature for quickly pulling line from the winch, which speeds the boat retrieval process.


    My coupler fits a little too loose (or tight) on my hitch ball. What should I do?

    Dutton-Lainson Coupler BallThere are normal manufacturing variations in ball size, so adjustment may be necessary when changing from one tow vehicle to another. Some wear also occurs over time. D-L couplers are easily adjusted without tools. With the coupler in the open position it can be adjusted by pushing up on the ball clamp and nut locking channel and then turning the nut as needed. Proper adjustment is obtained when the coupler is as tight as possible on the ball and the locking lever can still be opened and closed.

    I am not able to adjust my coupler so that the locking lever will close completely. I have adjusted the nut almost all the way out, and it still won't fit. What can the problem be?

    The ball clamp may not be properly engaged on the large rivet in the coupler housing. The large tab on the back side of the ball clamp must fit over the top of the rivet in the housing. On 1 7/8" couplers the problem could be caused by the nut locking channel (immediately above the nut) being improperly positioned. It should be installed with the open ends aligned side to side in the coupler. If it is aligned with the open ends front to back, the locking lever may not open and close properly. The instructions that came with the coupler illustrate the proper orientation of the ball clamp and nut locking channel.

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