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Humminbird Fishfinders and Fishing Systems


The first company to introduce fishfinders, depth sounders, marine radios and GPS systems to anglers, Humminbird has now been in the business for over 30 years. They have continued to introduce new, cutting edge products and smart technology like their innovative side lighting technology, revolutionizing the way anglers search for, find and catch fish.

Humminbird Fishfinder Technology

Technologically Advanced Fishfinders

Humminbird fishfinders will help you to out fish the competition by giving you the added edge, the means to find and catch more fish in less time. Before the creation of fishfinding devices an angler had to sit patiently for a bite, a process which could take hours, and then only hope to remember the hot spot locations he found when out on the water. Humminbird produces some of the most technologically advanced combo gps fishfinders on the market. Each fish finder utilizes unique features such as sonar, gps, dual beam, quad beam and side imaging technology to create detailed, accurate 3D imaging.

Humminbird Sonar
Sonar sends out sound waves in a cone shape, these waves bounce off of surroundings, including fish and underwater structures and return to the receiver to display as images on its screen. A narrow sonar cone is ideal for IDing structures with detail but only reaches a small area of coverage. A wider cone gives you more coverage but with less detail.

dual beam technology Humminbird Dual Beam Technology combines the two sizes of beams, providing detailed imaging of what is directly under the boat as well as wide coverage, increasing your chances of finding fish. These images can be viewed separately or side by side on the fishfinder screen.

quad beam technology Increase visibility by using a Humminbird fishfinder with Quad Beam Technology. Just like the Dual Beam Technology it offers a narrow detailed beam and a wide beam but also includes two extra beams to the left and right providing 90 degrees of coverage and allowing you to see an area twice as large as the depth you are fishing in. This makes it much easier to troll and fish along drop offs and to find the best fishing hotspots.

side imaging technology Humminbird Side Imaging
This highly advanced technology from Humminbird allows you to scan huge areas of water fast and view 3D picture like images on your fishfinder. Side imaging provides up to 480 feet of coverage, the widest coverage range of all Humminbird gps and fishfinder devices. Fish are even displayed with shadows, so you can tell just how far they are from the bottom. Cut hours off of the fish finding process!

The following products utilize Humminbird Side Imaging technology.

  • Humminbird 997c SI GPS Fish Finder Combo
  • Humminbird 797c2 SI GPS Fish Finder Combo
  • Humminbird 343C Fish finder, standard and portable
  • Humminbird 383c GPS Fish Finder Combo

    Humminbird GPS
    There are many benefits to using a Humminbird GPS fishfinder combo. GPS technology gives you an edge by providing you the ability to locate and re-locate hotspots. It allows you to freeze frame on the map and mark right on the screen the location of fish or structures so you can easily find and return to fishing hotspots. Having GPS on your boat is also a safety feature. It allows you to be aware of where exactly you are at any time even at night or in dense fog, when visibility is limited.

    What other benefits do Humminbird fishfinders offer?
    Humminbirds sonar and GPS technologies are just the beginning of the many benefits you receive by purchasing one of their marine gps, fishfinder devices. All Humminbird products are built to last, weather resistant and highly durable to hold up in harsh marine environments. They feature quick disconnect mounts so the device can be easily installed and disconnected without any worry of tangled wires. The mounts also twist and swivel so the displays can be viewed at just about any angle. The fishfinders sunlight readable display and backlight design allow for viewing at any point in the day and in various weather conditions.

    Get started searching for fish and hot spots almost immediately, with Humminbirds quick start up design. Just push the on button and you are good to go. Each device starts up to the optimal settings, providing you with the best ability to find fish, without have to waste time adjusting settings, so you can spend less time pushing buttons and more time finding fish.

    The optional zoom and fish ID applications make it easy for you to find and identify fish, with symbols showing the fish sizes and specific locations. As mentioned before you can then mark right on the screen where these fish were found, so you can easily return to these spots on future fishing trips.

    Humminbird Fishing Systems

    Humminbird fishfinders and fishfinder GPS combos are completely networkable and upgradable when paired with their various fishing system products. Control up to six Cannon downriggers with the Hummingbird Cannonlink. Downriggers are key for reaching otherwise unreachable fish. Utilizing the Cannonlink to deploy, retrieve or hold downriggers steady increases your chances of catching fish dramatically.

    Many Humminbird fish finders come with built in GPS but for those that do not, an optional separate GPS receiver is offered. This 16 Channel GPS Receiver provides you with fast position fixes that are accurate up to 2.5 meters so you are aware of your surroundings at all times. It makes it easy to troll and find hotspots or routes as well as pin point your location even in conditions like dense fog, where visibility is limited.

    The company also offers a portable fishfinder system, The Humminbird piranhamax, which utilizes traditional and wireless technology so you can find fish anywhere, anytime whether on your boat or at shore.

    Whatever your needs as an angler, Humminbird has the products needed to cut down the time it takes to find and catch fish, just about anywhere.

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