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Teleflex JBS Jet Boat Mechanical Steering

Technical Reference Manual

Just for Jets! JBS by Teleflex means Jet
Boat Steering! Designed exclusively for jet
boats, JBS features a choice of two steering
arcs, a real steering cable (not a control
cable) plus an assortment of mounting
options for virtually any boat! Nobody knows
steering like Teleflex!


Teleflex JBS is recommended for use in all jet boat applications powered
by Mercury Sport Jet or OMC Turbo Jet drives up to 175 HP.

NOTE: When properly installed, this steering system will connect to
Mercury Sport Jet and OMC Turbo Jet and similar small jet drives, using
the appropriate nozzle connection kit (and possibly through-hull fittings
which are not available from Teleflex). Please contact Teleflex Marine
Technical Service (610-495-7011 or www.teleflexmarine.com) if you need assistance.


  • Ultra-compact helm with stylish 4.4" bezel is easy to install and very rugged.
  • 135° or 270° turning arc lock-to-lock.
  • Uses a true steering cable (increased cable strength with stainless steel inner core and output ends.)
  • 90° dash mount. (Tilt Steering option available!)
  • 90° or 180° cable entry into helm allows alternate cable routing. (Looking at dash, options are 9:00, 12:00 or 3:00 routing positions.)
  • Built-in steering stops prevent additional cable stress in hard over positions.
  • Standard 3/4" round tapered steering shaft, 3.5" total allowable cable travel.
  • Mercury & OMC nozzle/gate connection kits.
  • Stainless steel cable output ends.
  • Meets A.B.Y.C./N.M.M.A. requirements.

Complete Systems:

This steering system is sold by components. Select helm, bezel and
cable or Tilt helm, Tilt Mechanism and cable from items listed below.
Note engine type and desired steering arc.



  • JBS Tilt Steering Helm (135° arc).... SH91678P*
    * Includes SH91500 tilt mechanism for complete Tilt Steering system installation.
  • JBS Tilt Steering Helm (270° arc).... SH91679P*
    * Includes SH91500 tilt mechanism for complete Tilt Steering system installation.
  • Performance Tilt Mechanism.............SH91500P

Service Items

  • Steering Wheel Hardware Kit.............2745417P
  • Helm Cable Bracket Hardware Kit........ 3945315
  • Helm Parts (see diagram below):
      1. Pivot- cable conduit fitting................ 3941615
      2. Bushing for cable cond. ftg. pivot ..... 3604811
      3. Pivot- cable terminal end ..................3941117
      4. Bushing for cable term. end pivot ..... 3828412
    The following diagram items are included in Kit # 3945315:
      5. Locknut (3/8-24)-conduit fitting pivot
      6. Lock Washer for 3/8-24 Locknut
      7. Locknut (1/4-20)-cable terminal end pivot
      8. Lock Washer for 1/4-20 Locknut
      9. 3 Hex Bolts (anti-vibratory patch)-bracket

  • Use only genuine Teleflex replacement hardware specifically designed for this product. Do not substitute other parts.

    If you are replacing a jet boat steering cable, you must determine the part number of the existing steering cable. SSC219 cables are ONLY for JBS systems shown on this page. For assistance, please contact Tech Service at 610-495-7011 or online at www.teleflexmarine.com

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