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Jabsco Flexible Impeller Replacement Guide

Ways of identifying the part number of the correct Jabsco Impeller if you do not already know it.

  1. If you have a Jabsco pump, the Jabsco Impeller part number can be found on the Data Sheet that is delivered with each pump.
  2. If you have a Jabsco pump, but no data Sheet, and you know the full pump model number, click here to go to pages 117-140, Pump Spares by Pump Model in order to read off the correct Jabsco Impeller part number.
  3. If you have another brand of pump, and you know their impeller part number, go to page 105, Upgrade to a Jabsco Impeller, and check for a Jabsco Replacement Impeller part number.
  4. If you have the impeller in front of you:

    Identify the impeller profile Code Letter by placing the impeller on the profiles on pages 98-100.
    • Go to pages 101-102, Selection Table by Profile.
    • Measure the Depth Chart A.
    • Identify the Drive Chart B.
    • Measure the Shaft Diameter Chart A.
    • Select the material.
    • Read off the part number.

  5. If you do not have the impeller in front of you, but you can ask someone who does:
    1. Go to pages 103-104, Selection Table by Dimensions.
    2. How many blades are there?
    3. What is the outside diameter? (see Chart A)
    4. What type of Drive is it? (see Chart B)
    5. What is the Depth? (see Chart A)
    6. What is the Shaft Diameter? (see Chart A)
    7. Which material do they need?
    8. Read off the part number.

Chart A- Measuring Your Impeller


Chart B- Identifying the Impeller Drive


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