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Adventure Medical Kits

AMK Brand Image

Adventure Medical Kits

Adventure Medical Kits is dedicated to manufacturing the most innovative products to help keep you safe in the outdoors. By relying on the expertise of world authorities in wilderness medicine and survival techniques AMK creates products to keep you healthy on land, sea, and air. All of their products have been tested with you in mind, they are tested to withstand the elements and designed so they are easily used by everyone.

Medical Kits

AMK Marine Medical Kit

AMK offers a range of medical kits suited to a variety of interests and applications. The Marine medical kits that they offered are designed for a variety of group sizes and suited to the length of time that you may be at sea and away from medical care. They include instruments and first aid equipment for many applications, including bleeding, CPR, burns, fractures and sprains, bandage materials, dental care, medication, survival tools as well as medical information and literature to help you assess any problems that you may come across in your venture.

As well as marine kits, AMK also offers a variety of kits for other outdoor safety applications, including:

  • Sportsman Kits- For hunters and fishermen
  • Paddler Kits- Suited for rafters, kayakers, and canoeists
  • Professional Packs- For wilderness medical professionals and guides
  • Mountain Kits- For expeditions and backcountry adventures
  • Light & Fast Packs- Suited for use by backpackers, hikers and families
  • Ultralight Kits- For multi-sport enthusiasts

Insect Products and Repellents

AMK Insect Products AMK offers products and repellents for everything from mosquito's to jelly fish. They offer lines of DEET-formulated repellent products by Ben's and 3M Ultrathon, as well as a non-DEET formula by Natrapel which offers effective insect protection without DEET. They also offer a line by AfterBite for stings and bites that has been a trusted consumer favorite for over 30 years.

Hygiene and Blister

AMK Hygiene and Blister Care

Hygiene is important when safety and health are concerned, especially in the outdoors, this is why Adventure Medical Kits offers a line of hand sanitizers and wipes to help keep you healthy on your adventures. As well, they have a line of products to help the the treatment and prevention of blisters that may occur during your time outdoors, on the boat or hiking.

Survival Products

Adventure Medical Kits manufactures a wide-range of survival products to help keep you safe and healthy during all of your outdoor adventures, this includes: AMK Survival Products

  • Survival blankets
  • Water bottles
  • Bivvy's
  • Rescue whistles
  • Fire starters
  • Signal mirrors

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