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FLIR Systems

FLIR Brand Image

FLIR Thermal Imaging

Founded in 1978, FLIR originally began producing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles, for use in conducting energy audits. Since then the company has expanded their focus to other applications and markets, including the marine industry. FLIR Systems is a world leader in thermal imaging technology, they manufacture and deploy more thermal imagers around the globe than every other manufacturer combined. FLIR is the world's most trusted name in law enforcement thermal imaging. Their rugged, stabilized imagers are used on thousands of civil and military platforms within the US and around the world. These rugged, all-weather thermal cameras allow you to navigate safely and confidently, pointing out things to you that the naked eye wouldn't, including obstructions, buoys, and other vessels in darkness.

Thermal Imaging

FLIR Thermal Imaging Marine ApplicationFLIR cameras are thermal imagers, they make pictures by detecting and displaying tiny differences in heat. Everything, even ice, generates thermal energy, so even though this energy is invisible to the naked eye, FLIR cameras detect it and turn it into video that is easy to understand. Daylight TV cameras, image intensified night vision devices, and the human eye all see the same thing, reflected visible light; unfortunately this visual contrast is very low at night. In order for night vision devices to be successful and helpful they still need enough light and contrast to produce usable images, with thermal imagers the heat supplied from various objects creates their own contrast, making thermal imagers the best 24-hour option, allowing you to see clearly day and night. Thermal imaging uses heat to retrieve a picture, heat is something that people and objects cannot hide, so FLIR cameras let you:

  • See people and animals in total darkness
  • See though smoke, dust, light fog, and also through blinding sun reflections
  • See better through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions
  • See more, and farther than with other low-light night vision goggles and cameras

Thermal Image Cameras

Navigator II
FLIR Navigator II ImageThis thermal imager is designed for maritime navigation and collision avoidance, making it easy to see floating debris, channel markers, and other boats in darkness and reduced visibility. The Navigator II thermal camera is available as a static (fixed) mount, or with a pan/tilt mount.

FLIR H-Series Camera ImageThis is a handheld thermal imaging camera that gives you thermal imaging technology on a portable level. Available in two-models the Patrol model provides you with excellent features and allows you to see things the naked eye wouldn't and in a handheld device. The Command model offers the same great technology with the added benefit of capturing still images and video.

FLIR M-Series ImageThe M-Series cameras allow you to set-up multiple (and as many as you want or need) control stations. They are available in two models, differing in thermal resolution; the M-320L features a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and the M-626L thermal resolution offers the best image detail at 640 x 480 pixels.

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