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Uflex USA

Uflex USA was founded in 1989 and has since established themselves as a leading manufacturer of steering and control systems for the marine industry. As an affiliate of the Ultraflex Group, Uflex has plenty of resources to draw upon for new product development in hydraulics, electronics and many other technologies. Innovative product designs and dedication to quality products are the cornerstone for Uflex's growth, and today their products can be found as originally installed equipment on many of the most widely known and respected boat brands in the world. From steering wheels to sophisticated electronic controls, Uflex offers everything you need to make sure your boat looks and performs it's best for many years.

Uflex Products

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Control cables:

The control cables by Uflex USA are designed to suit a variety of applications including engine control cables for Johnson, Evinrude, and OMC engines; as well a universal style ideal for use with inboard, stern drive and outboard engines.

Hydraulic steering systems:

Uflex Protech Hydraulic Steering System Hydraulic steering systems consist of a steering pump, a cylinder tied to the rudder or to the outboard or sterndrive engine and the connecting nylon or copper tubing. There are two basic components in all of the hydraulic steering systems: the helm unit and the cylinder, connected by nylon or copper tubing. The helm unit consists of both a hydraulic pump and a valve assembly. The valve assembly prevents outgoing fluid from returning along the same line, isolates each steering station, locks the rudder and eliminates rudder "feedback" to the helm. The cylinders are double acting and may be balanced or unbalanced, (in which case the rod extends through only one end of the cylinder).
  • How the system works:
    Under normal operating conditions, a turn of the steering wheel will send the oil from the helm unit into one of the two connecting hydraulic lines. The oil will be pumped into one of the chambers of the cylinder and either extend or retract the cylinder rod, depending on the steering wheel rotation. The fluid going out from the other chamber of the cylinder is returned to the helm via the other hydraulic line.

Mechanical steering systems:

Uflex Rotech Rotary Steering System Uflex mechanical steering helm systems feature use a Planetary Gear Design, which consists of 3 satellite gears that rotate on their axis and at the same time rotate around the central helm axis. This allows for equal distribution of engine torque over 3 points of the central gear, dividing and balancing the system loads. This type of design offers many benefits, including increased system longevity, increased efficiency and less engine feedback compared to single pinion gear helms.

Steering wheels:

Uflex offers a variety of steering wheels, available in different styles, colors, materials, and sizes, to suit your application and accent the "look" of your vessel.

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