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Festool LEX 2 150/7 Features

Finish sanding refined

A satisfying finish is the reward of the right prep work. The secret to the best finish is to use a combination of the right technique and abrasives with the right sander. The LEX 2 150/3 and LEX 2 150/7 offer a very tight sanding stroke to minimize scratch patterns beyond what the human eye can see and what the hand can feel. A good finish is more than a stain, a sealer, or paint, it is a surface that is absolutely smooth to the touch.

Dust Extraction

Jetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.

IAS 2 Connection

3-in-1 hose design; supplies air, extracts dust, and provides an exhaust all through one hose.

Variable Speed

Step-less speed control allows you to adjust to the needs of the application.


Formed to fit your hand with rubberized top grip cap and unobtrusive dead-man switch.

Stroke Designation

LEX 2 machines are clearly labeled to indicate the sander stroke size.

1/8" Stroke

The LEX 2 150/7 is distinguished by its stroke length which is designed for intermediate sanding.


Balanced design delivers better finish results, smooth operation and greater comfort

Pad Brake

Stops the pad quickly, so you can worry less about damaging your freshly finished workpiece when setting your tool down.

StickFix Hook & Loop Design

Fast and easy abrasive removal with resilient pad hooks and hard-wearing fabric backing, leading to longer abrasive and pad life.

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