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Fein MultiMaster Applications

Useful applications

With the oscillating movement and particularly user-friendly accessories, the FEIN MULTIMASTER is an unbeatably versatile, high-precision specialist tool - perfect for all professional outfitting, renovation and repair work.

Hobby Boat Building Furniture Fitting Floor coverings Interior Fittings Tiles Car repair Windows

Interior Fittings

Cutting cable ducts

The standard E-CUT saw blade is ideal for working plastic components, such as cable ducts, extraction air ducts or rainwater down pipes.

Sawing structural wood

Saw into wood 60 mm deep with the new universal E-CUT saw blades.

Cutting out structural wood

The cutting depth for all E-CUT and HSS saw blades for wood can be set with infinite variability with the depth stop.

Trimming and altering plasterboard

With the E-CUT saw blades plasterboard can be trimmed and cut-outs made so easily for electrical installations etc. in sheets that have already been fitted.

Sawing pipes flush to the wall

Ideal for dismantling installations that are no longer required. Using the universal E-CUT saw blades the pipes are clipped off for subsequent grouting flush to the wall.

Sanding down plaster

Use the carbide rasp to sand down cement, concrete, stone, plaster, tile adhesive, paint and wood and save yourself time-consuming and costly manual work.

Sawing shadow joints

The HSS saw blade for wood turns the FEIN MULTIMASTER into an oscillating "mini circular saw", - ideal for long, exact cuts, e.g. for expansion sealants in parquet and laminate. Can be used with or without depth stop.
Indispensable in interior fittings. No matter whether you are renovating your roof, fitting a partitioning wall or want to hide the cable to your stereo behind the wall, the FEIN MULTIMASTER is the perfect tool for all repairs and installation work. The FEIN MULTIMASTER saws exactly into angles and corners, even in tight spaces, and sands with high sanding capacity, thereby ensuring rapid, energy saving work.
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Ceramic tile restoration

Removing tile joints

The segment saw blade is used for removing defective tile joints in corners and on edges that enables accurate work without overcutting. The segment saw blade is available in carbide or diamond quality; the latter will impress you with its noticeably higher service life and is also suitable outdoors for frost resistant sealant materials containing epoxy resin, or for replacing joints.

Sanding supporting surfaces flat

The carbide rasp is the all around accessory for tiling. It smoothes adhesive glue, sands tiled edges and ensures a flat supporting surface.

Removing elastic sealants

The flexible stopper knife is perfect for removing elastic materials, such as sealants, adhesive residues or paint, not just in bathrooms.

Completely removing tile joints

Where tile joints have to be removed and rejoined, the round diamond saw blade is the economic solution, both in terms of work progress and service life.

TOP: equipped for kitchen and bathroom

Do you want to replace defective tiling work in your kitchen or retile your bathroom?
When purchased the FEIN MULTIMASTER Top set already has the complete range of accessories that you will need for perfect results. For example, the carbide-tipped segment saw blade for cutting through tile joints, the carbide rasp for problem-free removal of tile adhesive or accessories for a dust-free operation.
Quick and economic for bathroom and kitchen renovation. Using the FEIN MULTIMASTER you are able to replace individual, defective tiles purposely, without damaging the surrounding tiling work. With the diamond saw blades or the carbide segment blades, the FEIN MULTIMASTER cuts tile joints with the utmost precision and the minimum of dust. The old tile adhesive can then be conveniently removed with the carbide rasp or stopping knife blade.
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Car repairs of all kinds

Cutting out body parts

Cut sheet steel and plastics up to a max. 1 mm thick with the carbide segment blades, free of burrs and non-warping and a minimum of flying sparks - without complicated touch-up work. Can also be used universally in corners.

Panel and bodywork repairs

The round HSS segment saw blades are particularly suitable for panel repairs to the accident-damaged vehicles. These can be rotated several times on the drive shaft, which considerably increases the service life.

Removing underseal

Even underseal and other stubborn coatings can be removed easily with the rigid stopping knife in the best possible time.

Restoring and renovating paint

Paint defects, flaws and areas that you would otherwise have to sand by hand, are made for the FEIN MULTIMASTER. High sanding capacity and an even sanding pattern are guaranteed.

Adding fittings

With the MINICUT and file set even the tiniest of cuts 10 mm and above are not a problem, not even in those difficult-to-reach places. Available for plastics, metals and wood.

Polishing to a bright shine

The felt polishing pad set brings a bright shine back to paintwork and chrome, but also works brilliantly on wood and stone.

Finishing aluminium rims

The particularly soft sanding materials from FEIN enable you to work gently but thoroughly. They enable you to work aluminium rims effectively, but also carry out sensitive paintwork.

Sanding in tight spaces

The sanding finger is very effective for working tight or hidden spots.
Top class vehicle repairs: with its versatile range of applications - from cutting out body parts right through to paint and polishing work - the FEIN MULTIMASTER is an effective solution for everyone who regularly repairs and customizes cars. It works with considerable precision and its high sanding capacity is particularly energy saving. A great benefit in those difficult-to-reach places. Its range of accessories perfectly adapted to the working conditions and materials makes it an ideal tool for automotive applications.
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Renovating windows and doors

Sanding frames

Perfectly sanded surfaces for all conditions of material with the comprehensive range of sanding sheets from 36 to 800 grain

Sanding spaces and profiles

The flat sanding pad also gives you access to tight spaces, e.g. the slats of shutters.

Dust-Free Sanding

A dust-free operation with dust extraction for spotlessly clean results.

Sanding down signs of weathering

With the carbide rasp, remove even stubborn signs of weathering thoroughly and also very quickly thanks to the high sanding capacity.

Sanding and polishing stone window sills

Natural or artificial stone window sills can be optimally worked with the special series of sanding materials and the polishing pad.

Profile sanding

The FEIN MULTIMASTER with the profile sanding set is ideal for sanding garage doors, tongue and groove boards on houses and other concave and convex profiles.

Working right into every corner

Renovate very old windows perfectly and work effortlessly right into the corner with the HSS segment saw blade; time-consuming rework is no longer required.

Removing glass and putty

Brittle puttied edges can be removed without any problem and without any danger of glass breakage.
Windows, garage doors and outdoor installations can be renovated perfectly with the FEIN MULTIMASTER. Windows are coarse sanded with a grain of 40 or 60. After this, smooth the surface in a second operation with grain 150 or 180, and achieve excellent results in next to no time. You are best using the carbide rasp for heavily weathered surfaces. Using this coarse sand with approximately 5 times the sanding capacity. Even brittle puttied edges can be removed quite simply and without any danger of glass breakage. The result is completely renovated windows in a surprisingly short space of time.
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Cutting out when model building

Minimum cuts in the minimum of space - for this you have the MINICUT and file set.

Filing when model building

Recesses can be filed out exactly with the MINICUT and file set.

Table and drill jig support

You are able to fix your FEIN MULTIMASTER with the new table and drill jig support, to work work pieces accurately.

Sharpening blades / cutters

The MINICUT and file set enables you to sharpen tools and gardening equipment, in most cases, without having to remove the blades.
For hobbies, home and the garden: When sharpening tools, working stone or stone products, laying foundations or model building down to the finest detail, the FEIN MULTIMASTER is efficient, precise and always good for a surprise. Its comprehensive system of accessories open up undreamed of possibilities. And of course it will impress you with everything that it does, with high cutting and sanding performance, flexible handling and great sensitivity.
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Boat Building


Ideal for restoring and caring for boats: the FEIN MULTIMASTER sands effortlessly exactly in every corner and on edges.

Finishing and renovating the deck

Remove deck sealing materials quickly and thoroughly with the cutting blades. The time saving is 80% and more when renovating teak decks.

Adding fittings

The MINICUT saw blades are exactly the right size for working in tight spaces, in difficult-to-reach spots or for sawing small recesses (above 10 mm).

Filing recesses

Recesses can be filed exactly to shape with the MINICUT and file set.

Repairing the hull / floor areas

The round carbide-tipped segment saw blades cater excellently for sawing work on fibreglass and carbon fibre-reinforced plastic hulls. You will be happy with the perfectly clean cuts (0.5 mm wide) without any cracking or damage to the laminate.
Indispensable for applications on the sea: with the FEIN MULTIMASTER you achieve noticeably greater efficiency for boat building and restoration. Thanks to its high cutting performance the FEIN MULTIMASTER works perfectly with wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and virtually all other relevant materials, doing away with manual work and improvised solutions. Installations in tight spaces are no more of a problem than renovating teak decks.
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Furniture assembly

Recesses for cable and pipe access

Make way for cable inlets, sockets and water connections in cupboard and shelf walls using the E-CUT saw blades - without time-consuming dismantling.

Fitting and adapting work sites

Cutting recesses for subsequent installations and conversions is not a problem with the E-CUT saw blades, even for sheets that have already been fitted.

Restoring and renovating upholstered furniture

The carbide segment saw blade saves you effort and the upholstery, as staples can be easily removed and do not have to be pulled out with pliers.

Profile sanding

The replaceable inserts of the profile sanding set enable you to sand in cramped spaces, in grooves and on profiles comfortably and with considerably greater sanding capacity.

Table and drill jig support

The combined fixing, suitable for all available drill jigs, makes it possible to cut out grooves and recesses precisely. The drill jig mechanism allows exact adjustments.
Professional assembly and restoration: with the FEIN MULTIMASTER you have the ideal tool for assembling fitted kitchens and furniture. Even difficult operations in the tightest of spaces, such as sawing recesses in elements that have already been assembled can be carried out accurately and without any diffi culty. And when restoring furniture, previously time-consuming manual work, such as profile sanding, can be accomplished far more quickly and efficiently with the FEIN MULTIMASTER.
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Floor coverings

Cutting floor coverings

With the convex segment blade you are even able to cut rigid material, such as plastic or carpet simply and without any problems.

Removing floor coverings / adhesive residues

Carpet adhesive residues, coatings or other stubborn materials do not stand a chance against the rigid stopping knife.

Altering door jambs exactly

The E-CUT saw blades with the highest precision and cutting speed will impress you when it comes to altering door jambs for higher floor coverings, as well as for recesses in parquet and laminate.

Trimming parquet and laminate

Whether parquet or laminate or composite materials, the universal E-CUT saw blade enables everything to be cut exactly and appropriately for the particular material.

Sanding down parquet

Where others cannot even perform, the FEIN MULTIMASTER will impress you with its sanding equipment, high sanding capacity and consistent results.

Sawing out floor strips

It is possible to saw out fitted floor strips without damaging the wall and floor, thereby avoiding time-consuming touch-up work.
Perfect for work covering floors: the FEIN MULTIMASTER caters for the entire range of tasks when it comes to floors - from effortlessly removing old floor coverings, such as carpet or PVC to cutting parquet, laminate, floor strips and door jambs to shape, right through to sanding parquet flooring accurately into difficult corners and edges. The FEIN MULTIMASTER saves you a great deal of time and effort in all operations with its accessories that are specially developed for individual applications.
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