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What is your boat's name?
What type of boat do you have?
  • Motor boat

  • Sail boat

How long is your boat? (If you own more than 1, please answer in regard to your primary boat)
Which type of bottom paint did you use this season?
How would you rate the performance of your bottom paint this season?
  • 4 Stars - Clean!

  • 3 Stars - Light soft growth

  • 2 Stars - Heavy soft growth

  • 1 Star - Hard growth (Barnacles)

Where did you keep your boat this Summer?
How often do you clean your boat?
How often do you use your boat per month?
Does your boat stay in the water year round? (if you keep your boat on a trailer, then you DO NOT store your boat in water year round.)
What type of water is your boat stored in?
  • Salt

  • Fresh

  • Brackish

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What is your email address?
Any other comments?
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