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Product Details

These Replacement White All-Round Lights from Perko reduce glare while providing 2-mile visibility through their clear fluted lenses. These lights are designed for use on power driven vessels up to 65.6 feet and feature a stowaway plug-in type. A variety of lengths are available to fit Perko 1440, 1460, 1445 and 1465 vertical or 5 degree angle bases.

Tech Specs
Part NumberLength (in)Fits BasesRake°
PKO-1440DP4CHR361045, 10470
PKO-1440DP5CHR421045, 10470
PKO-1440DP6CHR481045, 10470
PKO-1440DP7CHR541045, 10470
PKO-1445DP4CHR361060, 10465
PKO-1445DP5CHR421060, 10465
PKO-1445DP6CHR481060, 10465
PKO-1445DP7CHR541060, 10465
PKO-1460DP4CHR361045, 10470
PKO-1465DP4CHR361060, 10465
PKO-1465DP5CHR421060, 10465
PKO-1465DP7CHR541060, 10465