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The No Damp Dehumidifier system consists of heavy duty, moisture-absorbing pellets that reduce humidity and prevent mildew odors. Moisture is trapped in a storage container below the pellets, and can be emptied easily.

Perfect for cabins, lavatories, crawl spaces, storage lockers, RVs, garages, and other moisture sensitive applications. Each unit is reusable and available in 12 oz. and 36 oz. dehumidifier sizes, and 12 oz. & 48 oz. pellet refills.

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Technical Information


  • Dries air to prevent mildew odor and musty odors
  • Unique inner basket design increases efficiency and life of unit
  • 12 oz. container treats 900 cu. ft. area
  • 36 oz. container treats 1,800 cu. ft. area