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WEST System G5 5 Minute Epoxy
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WEST System G5 Minute Epoxy
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WEST System G5 5 Minute Epoxy Customer Questions and Answers

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tbe box states this product is water-resistant, yet on the web pages it says " NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BONDS SUBJECT TO MOISTURE". What is the correct answer? I'm planning on using this for an outdoor application. Also I purchased this at a marine supply store, so what gives.

Asked on 10/05/2013 by Bog Tarabanovic

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Works great, sets in 5 min dependent on room temperature. Not sure about shelf life. If item you are bonding can absorbed moisture do not use.

Answered on 10/11/2013 by Everett Cooper
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I would think that the product would be moisture resistant. I would not use it to glue something that would be submerged or constantly wet. Contact West and tell them what you are going to do and they will advise you.

Answered on 10/08/2013 by MARTIN ROBINSON


Hello Bog T, Good question, and while I've used G5 very successfully, I don't have an answer because I haven't used the G5 for an outdoor application. However, I've found West System's customer service to be really knowledgeable and really helpful. They see to have actually worked in boat shops with all of the West System products, so can speak from first hand, rather than some marketing trainee trying to read the same box you've got. I'd give them a call at (I believe) 866 937 8797. Good luck

Answered on 10/07/2013 by Strother Purdy


I have used G5 for years around a marine environment and I also use it in building custom pool cues. It will actually keep moisture from getting into the bonded area. Just make sure you mix it at an exact 50/50 ratio for optimal bond & hardness. Tony R

Answered on 10/07/2013 by TONY RUSSELL
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