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Product Details

Norton ProSand high-performance abrasives offer superior sanding performance. Stick & Sand sheets are excellent on all surfaces and coatings and will not clog, tear, or transfer color. Theses 4-1/2 in. x 4-1/2 in. adhesive-backed sheets are designed to work with most palm sanders.

Info & Guides
ProSand is the next generation of 3X technology. It offers a faster cut and longer sanding life than 3X.

Technical Information

  • Premium heat-treated aluminum oxide abrasive, P-graded
  • Faster cut and more durable than previous 3X version
  • Consistent surface finish
  • Exceptional performance on all surfaces and coatings
  • Flexible, fiber-reinforced backing
  • Excellent life, flexibility, and tear-resistance when folded
  • Non-pigmented, waterbased stearate (anti-clog) coating, open coat
  • Best resistance to clogging and loading during sanding
  • No color dye in the coating process
  • No chance of color transfer to the workpiece
  • No finish contamination